Silent Pod


THE SILENT PODS have been designed to work as a furniture system rather than a more complex architectural screen or partition system. SILENT POD is a modular family which includes Silent meet, Meeting sofa and Silent work. It is a family where comfort meets every day ergonomics, where choice meets configuration. Where colour comes together seamlessly. Designed for a modern working environment, Silent pod is where work feels like home. Silent pod is a work lounge solution that cuts everyday distractions to offer people choice and better ways of working.

Designed to encourage focus and productive work. From single working to four person booth, Silent pod have been designed to meet the any requirement. Slim design enables agile reconfigurations.

Providing a compact stand alone meeting solution for up to six people, its footprint easily allows the SILENT MEETING to be positioned strategically. It can be placed amongst workspaces individually or in clusters as a meeting place or as a booth seating solution.

It offers a comfortable and private space for one person in various spaces of a modern activity based office. The single seater sofa can be used alone or in groups to provide small spaces for added privacy at meetings, or for peaceful working. The window openings in the meeting sofa also function as armrests. Thanks to its compact size, the seat can be used even in small spaces and is easy to move to a new place.

Silent work desk provides an extra privacy in an open office plan workplaces. Silent WORK desk have been designed to meet the need of todays workplace requirement.

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