Product Care And Maintainance Guide

  • Laminated Table top

    For normal care, clean with a mild soap solution and rinse with a clean, clear water. Wipe the entire surface, moving with the pattern and follow with a clean, dry soft cloth. For minor repair of burns or other stubborn marks, apply a nonabrasive liquid kitchen cleaner with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. The use of acidic and abrasive cleaners can cause discoloration and change the sheen.

  • Wood, Solid Wood

    For normal cleaning, dust frequently with a soft, damp (not wet) cloth in the direction of the wood grain. Dry the area thoroughly. For occasional cleanings, use only a non-wax furniture polish that contains no silicone or silicone derivatives. The use of abrasive cleaning solutions, Hydrogen peroxide solution, or solutions containing acids or dyes should be avoided as they can damage the finish. Please note excessive cleaning with any solution will eventually breakdown the integrity of the finish.
    Clean up spills immediately by blotting with a dry cloth. Standing water left from a drinking glass will cause the wood to discolour and warp, the use of coasters and protective pads are strongly encouraged. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight, as sunlight causes fading. Avoid extremes in room humidity – too high or too low humidity can cause wood to warp. Do not place plastic or rubber objects on wood finish, as their ingredients will react with those of the finish and cause a migration that will appear as a stain. Make minor repairs while they are still small – use a professional service to ensure proper repair to the surface.

  • Chrome Parts

    Clean with a wet cloth, mild soap or detergent and water solution or window cleaner.

  • Powder Coated Parts

    Clean with a mild soap solution and rinse with clean water. Do not add any additional chemicals or cleaning products to the soapy water. Wipe the entire surface and follow with a clean, dry cloth to buff dry. The use of acidic and abrasive cleaners can cause discoloration. Avoid scraping or rubbing furniture with an abrasive cloth that could damage or remove the coating from the surface. Never use ammonia or bleach on powder coated finishes.

  • Glass

    Clean with non-abrasive cleaning solutions. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

  • ABS Plastic Parts.

    Any commercially available household cleaner and plastic care product can be used to clean plastic parts. Avoid highly concentrated acids and halogens (chlorine). When using cleaning agents, please observe the cleaning agent manufacturers’ website instructions for use and always test the suitability of the cleaning agent on a concealed area first to avoid discoloration or abrasion.

  • Acrylic

    Clean with a mild non-abrasive cleaning solution. Do not leave surface wet, wipe dry after cleaning. Dry or gritty cloths may cause surface scratches and create a static electric charge on the surface.

  • Leather And Fabric Parts

    We recommend that you visit the fabric manufacturers’ website for specific cleaning instructions.
    For leather products, regular dusting and vacuuming is all that is necessary. For spots and spills, wipe excess liquid up immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth. If necessary, use clean lukewarm water only and let air dry naturally. Do not use cleaning solvents, furniture polish, oils, varnish, abrasive cleaners, saddle soaps, or ammonia water on leather.

Do’s & Don’t

  • DO’S
    • Always assemble the product as specified in assembly guide book.
    • Make sure all the products are kept properly before assembly.
    • Make sure all the installation with help of proper tools.
    • Every 6 months or so, make sure all the parts are tightened to ensure stability.
    • If product need to be shifted in other area area make sure all the components are disassembled and then reassemble.
  • DON’T
    • Don’t sit/stand on the table top, it can cause damage.
    • Never lift the table from one end.


  • IBIS warrants its products to be Free From defects in workmanship and materials For a period of Five (5) years after the date of original shipment (the “warranty period”), provided the product is used in the manner and under the conditions For which it is designed.

  • This warranty shall apply only if
    • Purchaser notifies Seller in writing of the claimed defect within 7 days of discovery;
    • Purchaser discovers the claimed defect within the Warranty Period;
    • Purchaser allows Seller to inspect the Goods claimed to be defective; and
    • Seller or its representative confirms the defect in writing to Purchaser.
  • This Warranty extends only to defects in materials and workmanship which occur during “normal use and service” and it does not apply to
    • Goods that have not been maintained in accordance with instructions or that have been accidentally damaged;
    • Defects attributable in any way to installation, modification, cleaning, or repair made by any party other than IBIS; or
    • Mishandling, accident, fire, lightning, other hazards whether natural or man-made, or shipment.
  • Products that are non-standard are not covered under this warranty.
  • Further, this warranty shall not apply if
    • Purchaser or a third party modifies or repairs the Goods without IBIS prior written approval; or
    • After discovery of a defect, Purchaser fails to take prompt and reasonable steps to prevent the defect from becoming more serious.
    • If Goods are repaired in the field by someone other than IBIS, then the warranty on that repair is from the person or company making that repair, not IBIS.

    BIS offers no warranty, either implied or expressed, on any fabrics or leathers. Fabrics and leathers carry warranties from the fabric manufacturer or reseller, and most contract fabrics and leathers have only a one to two year warranty period. Please refer to each resellers warranties before specifying. Because every fabric specification is different and application for use must be taken into consideration, IBIS shall not be held responsible in any manner for wrong specification of fabric. IBIS makes no warranty of any kind with respect to “customer’s own materials” (COM), “customer’s own leathers” (COL), or non-standard materials selected by and used at the request of the purchaser.

    Variations in grain, color, marks, scars, texture and pattern of wood, leather and textiles may occur as a result of nature, dye lot, exposure to light, and aging. IBIS makes no warranty with respect to matching of grain, textures, pattern or colors of such materials, including an exact match to wood chips, color samples, or swatch cards.

    All our products have been approved for indoor use. The formation of rust and/or corrosion due to outdoor use does not constitute a defect in materials and workmanship, and is not covered under this warranty.

    The warranty does not apply, if the rust is formed due to moisture in air.

    The Warranty are exclusive and made only to the original purchaser.

    There is no warranty for international use or purchases

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