Sometimes daily work becomes routine, pressure blocks our creativity which we wish to avoid so we need somewhere to escape to , to disconnect, relax, breathe deeply and help us restore the optimal level of performance. And what if we told you that this was all possible? and if we told you that it already exists and it is called NEXT? Now you don’t have to leave the office to disconnect...

The NEXT range allows you to reconfigure your space instantly. NEXT comes in 2 shapes and sizes- the arrow, and the diamond, they are the building block of the NEXT system. They create fun, flexible environments to help boost your team’s creative thinking.
All shape are light in weight, yet steadily constructed. One can easily reconstruct the shape according to the individual needs.
The bigger height shapes can be used as backrest, tables and high seating. Next have been designed to provide all the users the required comfort and it can be upholstered in users choice fabric.

Coming Soon