It is the design which makes performance sofa so special and which lends any room a very distinctive atmosphere. The demand for a flexible furniture is increasing, performance sofa allows one to create a perfect and comfortable meeting area, private discussion pod or a lounge seating. The design possibilities with performance sofa is truly infinite.
Performance is a full upholstered modular sofa, that is flexible and reconfigurable. Performance range is made up of 6 linkable seating units, that includes straight two seater and one seater, 90 degree open and close seating, 120 degree open and close seating, that can be joined with each other in any side.

Inspired by refined comfort and minimalist aesthetic, performance has been designed to provide luxury. Performance is a contemporary style sofa, with its slim, linear design and refined stitching. Its soft upholstery is complemented by deep layer of foam, provides upmost comfort. Characterised by the smooth curve, which seamlessly combines a strong structure with a simple, organic expression.
Performance can be fully upholstered in any fabric or leather of your choice, with two-tones being particularly attractive. Whether one choose the single seater, two seater, 90 degree or 120 degree sofa, one gets the perfect balance between softness and support.

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