Adaptable Furniture

Gone are the days of bulky cabinetry and heavy materials. Now organisation have moved of open shelving units, light-coloured materials and clean lines. These simplified spaces allow for a brighter, more airy working space making it easier to hone in on the tasks at-hand.

Adaptable furniture is one of the biggest office furniture trends you’ll be seeing. This type of furniture allows organizations to easily put on internal meetings and training sessions, while also making it possible to host events that bring in a large number of clients, partners or prospective clients into the building without the stress of renting equipment or moving around heavy furniture.

Essential to any multi-purpose space, adaptable furniture allows you to providing comfortable seating for your clients one minute and then completely clear the space out the next. Quality, foldable desks, stackable chairs, and roll able table tops make this trend one that more organizations will be jumping at this coming year.

Ergonomic Designs

Now that roughly 86% of workers sit at a desk most of the day, 5 days a week, health has become a major focus for businesses and employees. To prevent aches, pains and injuries related to sitting, typing and leaning throughout the day, businesses are employing that latest ergonomically-correct furniture pieces. Moveable keyboard trays, sit/stand desks, monitor stands and ergo-friendly chairs are just a few of the pieces that people are implementing for a more user-friendly workspace.

Recycled Office Furniture

While “going green” is not a new concept, recycled furniture is something we’re predicting to see more of as companies continually become more environmentally conscious and these types of products become more readily available. Desks, chairs and even floor mats are becoming popular recycled pieces in a typical office space.

Colourful Details

In with the colour, out with the dull, grayscale details. Organizations in all sorts of industries are infusing their lobbies and workspaces with colourful details, adding instant life and energy. Companies are realizing that colourful furniture and decor are helpful to keep employees and customers engaged throughout the day, as well as, a way to further infuse company branding.