Boasting an eye-catching geometric design and an endless number of configurations, the connect Collection features sofas and tables which transition effortlessly between intimate seating to large collaborative applications. CONNECT is a system capable of taking your work level to the desired point that it fuses soft seating with the office using a platform from a robust structure but with a light aspect, which acts as a link to connect and branch numerous modules in a space.

CONNECT is a modular seating system for public spaces, waiting areas and offices. CONNECT can be ordered in different configurations to meet different environments and interior’s needs.
CONNECT consists of 3 units, the basic piece, a 120* shaped two seater, a round piece for back support. The units can be used individually or linked together to form different shapes and compositions, from just a few units for a small office to enormous shapes for a large public space. The composition possibilities are almost endless. You can also create your own unique expression with the help of different fabrics.

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